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Home Product KHS Replacement Derailleur Hanger #216

KHS Replacement Derailleur Hanger #216

KHS Bicycles Store » Products Page » Derailleur Hangers » KHS Replacement Derailleur Hanger #216

For 2006-2007:  Flite700

For 2013: Flite700,  Flite720, Flite780.

You may be able to purchase a compatible hanger from Wheel Mfg. Here is the link


ALWAYS make sure your derailleur hanger matches the picture before purchasing. If the picture doesn't match, it won't work no matter what we say below. Do NOT confuse with hanger #247, which looks very similar, but is not interchangeable with this hanger. For 2006-2007: Flite700. Includes 2 mounting bolts.

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Price: $19.99

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